Pouting On the Mirror – 3 Lipstick Tips

Pink Lipstick

Lipstick fun. Mirror moments are a must. Some are more fun than others but two qualify as my most exciting; that moment when I am checking my newly-dones and a moment spent with a sweet, loving person who is fun and insightful.

Here are three lipstick tips gathered from fun moments with a friend..

#1. Ever wanted to know the best shade for a pink lip? Well, the answer is in your gums. Smile and check the color of your gums; that’s your pink.

#2. You will either get a glossy or matte finish. Lighter shades usually come out nicely when matte. If you are also into subtlety then try matte. Glossy is appealing in darker shades.

#3.  For a better outlook prepare the lips by removing dry flakes of skin and applying balm and moisturizer. I don’t actually look at lipstick as something that just hides flaws but a touch that enhances the beauty of your lips. So put it on prepped

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