Hairstyles that got tongues wagging these past 30 days..

Bold and daring hairstyle

Here are the three hairstyles that got tongues wagging, heads turning and fingers typing. Obviously for something to attract that much attention it has to be outlandish. With so much concern on looks, only a daring woman would pull stunts with her hair especially if it leaves lasting impressions.

Adele’s Bantu knots coupled with a Jamaican flag bikini caught much attention. Turns out the Bantu Knots are not Bantu enough because a number of women I talked to didn’t know that origin of the hairstyle. However when the 32 year old singer appeared with such a hairdo it was controversial enough. Then there is the Jamaican flag. Anyway; there you have it one of the three hairstyles that got tongues wagging.

Next up we have Nompie. The Video is on which we got this hairstyle is not that much public yet but we got a sneak pic. The hairstyle is not new per say, it has been here for a while. Even so, it’s a daring step to cut your hair. What was rather interesting was to see husband and wife with the same hairdo. Couples spice up things. Check it out for yourself.

As long as cutting hair is concerned, cutting all hair seems to attract attention when done by a woman. Beautiful and self driven Patie gave us another look to talk about.

Her normal hairstyleBold and daring hairstyle


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