Three steps to make the best of the next three months

Thinking About the Three steps to make the best of your time

As we approach the final quarter of a year whose most dominant topic was a pandemic, let’s consider what we can still do with the time we have. This is important for this year and the future. Certainly, if you continually fail to make progress with your goals you will be demotivated. I will suggest three steps to make the best of the next three months. Obviously, no woman is an island. All things considered, you may find it helpful to look at the social side these three steps to make the best of you come out.

1.Progress check.

Draw a line; a new starting line.

Since you are reading, it means you are not starting from zero. With that in mind, start by appreciating what you have and build on that. It is normal to experience challenging times but take a stand. That is why you need a firm position to start from so that even if you fall you can stand again. It’s also crucial that you celebrate even the small victories. 

The social side of step 1

These days, most of us capture and store our moments online. As a matter of fact, you can look at what you posted and see how far you have come from.

“2018 was not the best year so far. It was the toughest I’ve had to go through. At one too many points in time, I wanted to let it all go. I wanted to hit restart ( if only it were possible). I forgot who I was, and what I was made of. I let my essence slowly fade. It’s all in the past now. As the new year progresses, I feel positive. Keeping the chin up, I’m not letting my crown fall. I wish you all a great year. Keep the positive energy throughout 2019” – Black Rose ZW

2.Point in the right direction.

Draw a finish line.

If you successfully take account of your progress you will be able to determine what you need to change and what you need to maintain. This may lead to emotional decisions which are commonly not realistic. The result will be a heap of unaccomplished goals and loads of stress. With that said, your mind and your heart can still come together to make achievable goals you will stay motivated to achieve. Check example here.

The Social side of step 2

It is also important to consider that while benchmarking is a good way to track your progress, setting your standard based on other people’s successes can prove to be very stressful. On the positive side of it, you can learn from others. However people don’t tell you the true or full story or circumstances of their success. Apart from keeping the secret ingredient, other people are different from you such that their recipe for success may not work for you.

3.Commit to it.

Finally, the hardest part.

If you have taken step 2, you will have fully considered your options.  Most of the time we are held back by remaining in broken systems and old routines even when we have new objectives. We cannot surely expect change if we don’t put effort towards change. Work hard such that by new year’s eve you will be motivated by your success to make new resolutions.

The Social side of Step 3

Team up with motivated people who are going in the same direction as yours. This will keep your momentum.

Fully implementing the three steps to make the best of the remaining time.

It is crucial that you implement all three steps to make the best of the final quarter of the year. If you fall somewhere in the middle, then pick up the pieces by starting again from step 1.


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  1. Liz says:

    I wish I had seen this sooner.. But thanks.. It has helped me to set my priorities str8


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