Sexy picks – Pokello, Beyoncé and Wishie..

Sexy picks - Wishie in Blue

Soooo our sexy picks start with Pokello Nare’s summer ready look. The “queen of swagger” took the hot from the summer in her recent Instagram posts. Of course, the shoe would have to stunning; shoes are her thing. One thing about this stiletto is that it boosts your posture.

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Summer Ready.

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Showing off those legs is a very short mesh-textured clothing that allow air flow. Comfy it seems, not very tight. With attention to detail, the nails and the make up not only accentuate her features but the color brings Pokello to life.

Still on glowing with feminine beauty Beyoncé showed off these. From Pokello’s fashion sexy fashion statement Queen bey picks a more beauty centered approach. The legs here are the focus. To be accurate the scream oily moisturizer is sexy.

If you are cut for a formal flair, here is slender Wishie shining in blue. Again the high heels give the curves a boost. Check out the arms. Just a thought, if your man is becoming over exposed to formally dressed women at work, you may try welcoming him home for with this. Talk about mixing business with pleasure; wear this and you break that rule.

So there you have it; Sexy picks from Pokello to Wishie. Choose your own style.

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