Cynthia Celebrates in a birthday dress of “her own making”

Cynthia Dresses herself for her birthday party

Yes! That independent woman came from there too. We are born naked and helpless. At that time all of our cares and hopes are other people’s responsibility. And one sign that you have grown up is being able to dress yourself. Well, Fashion Designer, Cynthia Mabande did that in every sense of the word on her 26th Birthday. She designed the two dresses she wore for her party.

Cynthia shared what she had in mind. “Well l wanted something sassy, flirty and can make me enjoy my self while l dance the whole night. That is the white dress. The design on its on was made for a dance night it was inspired by Mmatema a former SA idols contestant from one of her performances at the show which she danced her butt off.” Click here to see Mmatema’s dress.

Dancing in white wasn’t enough for the designer. “For the black one I wanted something more elegant, classy and not forgetting what has to be one of my signature these days ‘the slit’ The one slit that allows you to show when you want to and wen you don’t people won’t even notice they is a slit”

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Dresses: Pleroo (insta)
Make up: Prim Rhue (insta)
Photography: Hype Media
Cake: Nessa Cake Hub (insta)

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