Being you, and a mother – Love, sacrifice and a paradigm shift

Being a mother

Sincimelia, despite being a lawyer, has passion in music, fashion, style and beauty. In all her efforts to improve her life, there is usually a choice between her personal development and caring for her child. As a result she has learnt to sacrifice a lot. “l learnt that being a mother is all about sharing with love”, she said, “not ordinary love but an inexplicable kind of love.” Sincy also added, “There was a paradigm shift in my life when l became a mother.”

“I now understand why most musicians end up composing songs for their mothers. l believe those are the easiest lines to write though a 5 minute song cannot capture all that mothers do. Words aren’t enough to really express the role of a mother. l became a teacher, a parent, a friend, a baby sitter, an entertainer, a watcher, a protector all these and many more because of motherhood”

Sincimelia Shared her personal experience with Hashe together with other young mothers

There is a bond but mother and child still remain two people living separate lives.

Being a mother

Sincimelia said she learnt to love unconditionally. “l began to see the world differently and also to appreciate the work that women do as mothers. I learnt to sacrifice and to share my heart and my things and to let go some things for the sake of my child.” Sincy revealed that her life mostly changed because she has to consider her child in almost every decision. “l have to share my life and to give even my time and attention to not only my needs but to the needs of others.” Being a mother is only a part of who she is. And not every aspect of her life aligns with looking after her child. “The kid in me sometimes want to be selfish but being a mother always reminds me to share my life, my love, my things.”

It comes with the territory..

Sincy also experienced a shift in priorities and attitude towards life. “I used to be ashamed to do certain odd things as a girl but motherhood took all that away. l now understand why mothering animals are so vigilant and vicious.” “Motherhood heightens your senses and makes you aware of your surroundings” the Lawyer notes, “not just for yourself but for your loved ones.” Sincimelia thinks, the change is for the better. “My attitude towards life changed and my personality changed for the better and continues with every experience of motherhood.”


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