No One is Coming – Tendai Rugare, an Agripreneur Advices Women and Girls on Hashe Talk

No one is coming, Be the Change you want and hope to see…

No one is coming. “I believe in empowerment of women because empowerment translates to, even financial freedom. It translates to being conscious of your rights and to be assertive, to know what you want, who you want, where you are going… 

And one thing that I want to let women and girls know is no one is coming to make you happy. No one is coming to tell you this is the time to do what you want; this is the time to follow your dreams. There is you, there shall be you and there will always, there will always be you. So you have got to be the pacesetter of your life, and love that you are, and believe in the person that God has made you to be.

And one thing I always tell people is; allow God to take the center stage of your life. Otherwise, there is no limit in life. You can be who you want to be as long as you set your mind to it.

Education-wise; empower yourself, go to school. Start a business, you know. Empower yourself financially, because it is then that you do not wait for anybody to come and change your life. Be the change that you want and hope to see in your life!” – Tendai Rugare on Hashe Talk; 1 April 2022

Meet Tendai Rugare (the lady flanked by her employees) Zimbabwean agriprenuer specializing in animal husbandry and cropping.
CEO/ Founder Cranfield Incorporated

Meet Tendai the Agripreneur who believes in working for her dreams

When you hear of women’s empowerment, you would probably think someone will be doing all the empowering. Even apart from the empowerment cause, Prince Charming has always been known to come to rescue the fair maiden. But Tendai Rugare, among other successful women, believes that no one is coming.

Listen to Tendai Speak

Born first in a family of three, 34-year-old Tendai Rugare is the founder of Cranfield Incorporated. In October 2017 she was awarded 25-hectares of farmland. There, she started animal husbandry on a small scale. Over time, the projects have grown significantly. Now her agribusiness also operates a butchery and a restaurant. Tendai has a background in humanitarian and developmental work with various Non-governmental organizations which advocate for women’s empowerment and development. She has taken a practical approach in pursuit of her dreams; education, work, and personal development activities.

Tendai Rugare has a Bsc Honours degree in Sociology and Gender Developmental studies from Women’s University in Africa and is Pursuing a Masters Degree in Managerial psychology with Unicaf University. When she got an opportunity in the agricultural sector, she seized it. She urges young female agripreneurs to take farming seriously. Tendai met challenges like any businesswoman. For instance, her farm experienced water shortages. And like a businesswoman, she worked out a solution. To deal with this water issue, she has boosted her infrastructure.

Suffice to say, Tendai knows through experience and hard work, what women empowerment is.

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