QnA – Products to make my hair curly but natural for black women

You got to love curly and natural hair. Difficult as it maybe to grow and maintain, let’s share about it! 😉 This one goes to the sweet girl whose name starts with L who reached out to us through this link: contact us … Keep shining miss L

Question: I want it to be curly when it’s a bit longer than it already is… I will only strengthen it for occasion but the problem is that I have a weak hair line what do I do about that? What products do I have to use to make curley hair but keeping it natural?

For the answer, we turned to Fay Jay who has found her own winning formula. It’s important to know yourself and find the perfect match for your hair. Below are the tips for products to for curly but natural hair for Black women.

Fay Jay has managed to keep her own her curly and natural

Tips to keep your hair curly and natural

1. She needs to refrain from tight hairstyles especially the ones that pulls the hairline

2. ⁠Massage the hairline with any oil everyday to regrow the hair

3. ⁠Don’t use heat more often because it destroys the curl pattern of the hair, that’s, damaging the natural hair

4. ⁠She can use a heat protectant whenever she straightens her hair

5. ⁠Curly hair doesn’t come out naturally. She can buy curling gel, make flat twist or normal twist with that gel and take then out the following day when it dries to achieve a curly look

Products to use to keep your hair curly and natural

Leave in conditioner • Gel


Shea moisture • As I am • Design essential • Camille rose • Mielle • Use black Jamaican castor oil to regrow the edges. It can be used all over the scalp as well.

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