5 Signs that you are taking relationship advice from social media memes and it’s toxic

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I think it’s worth noting that while social media can be a great source of information and connection, it’s important to be mindful of the potential pitfalls. Taking relationship advice from memes without considering the unique dynamics of your own relationship can lead to unrealistic expectations, communication breakdowns, and even toxic behaviors. So it’s important to use social media wisely, and to seek out advice from trusted sources, like relationship experts and counselors.

Here’s my list of signs that taking relationship from social media memes might be bad for your health:

  1. You’re constantly comparing your relationship to unrealistic relationship goals.
  2. You’re using social media to “check up” on your partner.
  3. You’re taking advice from memes without considering the context of your own relationship.
  4. You’re trying to “win” the relationship instead of building a healthy partnership.
  5. You’re using memes as a way to avoid difficult conversations with your partner.

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