Love and looks – Package! (REPOST)

looks and love

People talk about a perfect match by merely looking at appearances. How far reaching is the issue of love and looks?

“Look your best – who said love is blind? ”― Mae West

While a good number of us imagine the Will-Jada kind of match, love can make couples out of the most unlikely beings. It is true that love overlooks many things. ..but should you? Should you stop caring altogether?

3. Should you stop taking care of yourself?There is a joy that comes with being embraced as you are. While the insecure will continue to doubt that they are loved as they are, the slackers will take love for granted. One shouldn’t be so insecure to the level of trying too hard. At the same time one shouldn’t be so unappreciative and neglectful. Stay on point.

2. Should you stop showing the fire?I want love fully packaged. I want it as promised when we first met, or even better; let it mature and not fade. I wouldn’t want someone who does just enough to keep me, I want someone who continues to show me that what we have is special. By the golden rule, if I want it, I should also give it.

1. Should you stop learning about your SO?We tend do short cuts; like what worked yesterday should work tomorrow. But, then here is the thing: PEOPLE CHANGE. Let your #love story trace the dynamics of life itself. Care enough to notice the small changes and have a mind for details. Love is blind but it is not deaf to those things words can’t express. Be fluent in the language of the heart and read when new things things have to be done..

We all know appearances can be deceiving but but love and looks are a gift and its package!


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