Skin care basics – rule of thumb

Basic Skin care rules - clean your skin

1. Now that you have committed to rediscovering the beauty of your skin. Here are your skin care basics. Let’s clear our way with a must-know and must-do; clean up. Thoroughly wash yourself to remove any make up and impurities accumulated throughout the day. Use a mild soap. Pat yourself dry and leave the skin like that for at least and hour and let it get back to its natural state. Be sure not to apply oil, lotion or cream after washing.

Basic Skin care rules - clean your skin
Skin Care | Rediscover the beauty of your skin
  1. Basics (Rule of Thumb)
  2. Pay attention : Skin Probe
  3. Know more about the nature of your skin
  4. What to do with it
  5. Determination
  6. Hacks
  7. Keep it alive


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