Communicating with men – When he misses the point

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Men! We dress to impress them. We cry for them. The things we do for men! We take it for granted but we have to master communicating with men too. I mean, you may have already noticed; men just don’t get it. For instance, you talk to them today and end up arguing. Then two weeks later they come back to say, ‘ you were right”. When he misses the point, don’t let the point miss him.

I am worth it! For some time I relied on this statement when dealing with men. I knew they would always come, they would always learn what I wanted and would always find ways to satisfy me ‘cause I am worth it! If one didn’t do well another would eventually come anyway. That was me being confident of my package.

..But no matter how fascinating things became, there was always a degree of frustration when dealing with Adam’s kind.

I began to think that I expected too much of men. This is when it occurred to me that I always put effort to learn about new apps, accessories and all sorts of fashionable things but I have neglected to read the manual for The Guy.

We know that there are differences between men and women but a key step in getting more successful relationships is acknowledging the specific differences. Until I did this, I always felt like my needs or feeling were being totally ignored by even the most considerate gentleman I ever dated. I used to relate to men as if I was dealing with a male version of myself and my appeal for attention always left me in even worse disappointment. Now I have installed a translator and things are better. I first think of what I want to say and put it in a way that he understands.

Apparently while men anticipate a lot of things when they see your sexy silhouette in a flattering dress they don’t even have the faintest idea of what’s going on in your mind when they see you frown. It has been found that men have more trouble recognizing facial expressions than women do, especially those on the female face. Unfortunately, these expressions form quite a considerable part of women’s communication. Nonverbal appeals are less effective when dealing with men, just tell them directly. If you feel it, say it plain and simple without subtlety. Let him know using just a few words. ..and don’t forget to learn more about your man.


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