Tara Jade Bent Interview – Miss Plus Size Universe Crown [REPOST]

Tara Jade bent

Learn to embrace your body from this Tara Jade Bent Interview

Women come in different shapes and sizes. While some may be uncomfortable with what they have, we celebrate all the body types. Beauty Beyond Bones is a very inspiring blog that documents the journey of a lady who was once gripped by anorexia – a condition which leads to below-normal body weight. You may also know Jessamyn Stanley a plus size yoga teacher, writer and body positivity advocate. Here, in this Tara Jade Bent Interview R, not only do we celebrate the 2nd princess of Miss Plus Size Pageant but also the uniqueness of every woman.

Anorexia (an-o-REK-see-uh) nervosa — often simply called anorexia — is an eating disorder characterized by an abnormally low body weight, an intense fear of gaining weight and a distorted perception of weight. People with anorexia place a high value on controlling their weight and shape, using extreme efforts that tend to significantly interfere with their lives.

Mayo Clinic

Tara Jade Bent Interview Repost

Mello w: Please tell us a little about yourself.. 

Tara Jade Bent: My name is Tara Jade Bent, I’m 19 years old. I was crowned 2nd Princess at the Miss Plus Size Universe pageant on Saturday. I’m passionate about modelling and kids. I do plan on going to school next year and I love reading and music and playing hockey and occasionally working out 

Mello w: Congrats… 

Tara Jade Bent: Thank you 

Mello w: Kids..! What do you love about Kids? 

Tara Jade Bent: I’ve always been a kid lover… I’m a Sunday school teacher at church… It’s my dream to adopt at least one child when I’m older, because I believe every child deserves an opportunity to be loved and cared for and feel like they matter 

Tara Jade Bent: What I love about them their innocence, their laughs can light up a room and their hugs give me life, also their naughty and it keeps you on your toes 

Mello w: Tell us more about your modeling. What inspired you to get into modeling? 

Tara Jade Bent: I sound a little conceited 😅 but I’ve been told I’m pretty so I thought why not… I modelled in nursery school and won.. I entered my church pageant and won that too… But I stopped because I’ve always been big and figured I stop there. I went through a short period of depression and was not comfortable in my own skin… High school was hard for me. Not because I was made fun of or anything but I myself was hard on me. I realized that I’m still gorgeous and no one really cared of my weight then a few months back I met Mr Nilton from iconic models management and I became an agency model then I found out about miss plus size and I’ve been in love since 

Tara Jade Bent: The crown makes it easier too😂 

Mello w: You are Pretty.. 

Tara Jade Bent: Thank you so very much 

Mello w: You are welcome.. did modelling sort of help you fight depression? 

Tara Jade Bent: To an extent yes it did 

Mello w: Did you face any challenges in your modelling career.. ?

Tara Jade Bent: It just started, but yes people out there are mean and it makes me sad that they feel better about themselves by bringing down others… For instance at the pageant it was live on Facebook and people had nothing nice to say but I felt good so they didn’t bother me 

Mello w: I know how it feels when people don’t appreciate what you do.. It’s worse when they say mean things.. 

Tara Jade Bent: That’s it exactly 

Mello w: I am glad that you have already scooped a crown so early.. 

Tara Jade Bent: Beginners luck 

Mello w: Come on, don’t be humble.. how did you feel? 

Tara Jade Bent: Honestly I had worked so hard being one of the smaller Girls so when I was called it was so surreal but I feel like I deserved it 

Mello w: You deserved it dear… now that you have it, what’s next? 

Tara Jade Bent: I want to start and try help and many young ladies as I can who aren’t comfortable with their size… I want to encourage as many ladies as I can while I can I mean you don’t need anyone be it male or female to tell you you’re pretty enough or sexy enough if you dress right and you feel good about yourself… I want to show people that you don’t have to have a small waist to be deemed beautiful. We have Zambia next and I plan to dominate for Zimbabwe 

Mello w: Wooow.. those are good plans.. I am sure a many women need that kind of encouragement.. We will support you in all the ways we can.. 

Mello w: Who is your inspiration? 

Tara Jade Bent: Thank you so much 

Tara Jade Bent: My mom  

It sounds corny but it’s my mom 

Mello w: I am happy for you.. many things happen during the teen years and we lose that relationship with our mums but you have kept it alive.. 

Tara Jade Bent: Yeah my mom and I are very close 

Mello w: What message do you have for women and girls out there? 

Tara Jade Bent: The world will never be nice to you and it’s okay but it’s fine you’re not here to please anyone as long as you’re happy and the best version of you no one can make you feel like you aren’t worth it 


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