A balloon for every goal and only success should pop it

Set a goal -inflate a balloon only success will popn

Here is something crazy (but productive) to try. Pop a balloon. Figuratively or literally. And champagne too if you like. But only when you have achieved your goals. This is for people who set goals but their todo list is now looking like a regret list because nothing ever gets done. The first step is to set your goal. The second is to inflate a balloon that stands for the goal. This is a balloon only success should pop. That’s rule one.

Set a goal -inflate a balloon only success will popn

Your goal should be something to look forward to. Sometimes you need the pressure but don’t unreasonably sit on pins and needles. Focus on what you really need and want to achieve, not something that makes you feel cool about yourself. For example if you need to improve your skillset, task yourself to learn but don’t just set education as a goal only because people think it’s generally important. Be sure about your goal and about yourself.

Once you decide what you are aiming for, inflate your balloon. As you inspire into your balloon, just remember how your goal is nothing now, but just an idea taking root in your mind. Mind your capacity as much as you are minding that of the balloon; if you blow too much air, it will burst before you even begin. Once you done, secure your balloon such that only success should pop it. Goals, like balloons, are in fact vulnerable. However protect that portion of air that you have separated from other air. I mean, keep an environment only for your goal; separate time and resources for it.

Only success should pop your balloon -work towards your goal.

On the day you succeed, you can pop the balloon. Many people will know of what you will be doing. That’s their invitation to your celebration when you succeed. But some will try to burst your “bubble”. It may surely be a bubble if you don’t work. Start working towards your goal! That’s rule two: you only inflate the balloon if you will work to pop it.


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