Ikoko – When Opportunity knocks on the door of someone in love

Wayne was inspired to write ikoko by a long distance relationship

So this woman is getting old now. A few months after she got married, her husband left Harare for UK leaving her pregnant and under the care of her mother in law. It’s 25 years now, since her husband .. we debated between left for work or abandoned her.. The woman had a son, but the child later died at 16. The woman went through this with the care and support of her in-laws but her husband didn’t even come back. So, does the husband care about this woman and is she so loyal for not leaving. Why didn’t he take her ikoko?

Wayne was inspired to write ikoko by a long distance relationship
Screenshot from Ikoko by Wayne F.O.G. <3 Watch Video <3 Learn more about Wayne F.O.G

We were debating about this after hearing the inspiration behind ikoko (translated: there) a song by Wayne F.O.G taken from the album ready for love. Within the context of the song, the Afropop artist misses his girlfriend who is far away. The video animates the story perfectly. In an interview with linksect.com, Wayne says he was inspired to write the song by a long distance relationship he was once in. Sometimes, an opportunity knocks on the door and to seize the moment, you may have to wave good bye to the world you already have. If you are the one being left behind, would you support the one you love? To what extent can sacrificial love hold?

It takes a certain level of connection for you to celebrate someone’s success as your own. What’s more, supporting someone even though you know you are totally losing. Intimacy demands reciprocity. Every once in a while we should check our priorities, relationships being considered. Some times hearts don’t break, it’s the people who break.


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