The love and appreciation flowing through a Makeup Artist’s hand

Bridal Makeup by Rosebud Tsikira

You can’t exactly work makeup magic if you don’t appreciate the beauty of the face you are working on. Rosebud Tsikira, the MUA at Image Fair looks at Ruth’s wedding photos with much passion. She remembers the emotion and the beauty of the moment. As both the makeup artist and a friend to the bride Rosebud had an important role in bringing out the total beauty of the ceremony. Take a look at Ruth’s wedding pics. They give a hint of how the makeup artist’s hand influenced the vibe of the event.

The makeup artist looked at the photos and addressed Ruth. She said, “I’ve known you for a lil’ over a decade my friend and it was quite an emotional moment being your entire glam squad on your big day.” A big day indeed and Rosebud had quite a responsibility. “From your bridal makeup, your hair styling and trusting me with your first and second dress choice was an absolute pleasure!”

Rosebud went on to share the appreciation that goes with her masterful hand. “You were strikingly beautiful when you walked that aisle”. As the event played out in the MUA’s memory, the friend in her kicked in, “and were true when you exchanged your vows, I shed some tears of joy and emotions this day.” It is this love and appreciation that flows in the makeup artist’s hand. Or at least that is how I want it to be. After all makeup is part of personal care. Emphasis on the “CARE!”


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