Get Out There…. Destiny Awaits (be a renegade for your dreams)

I had gone quiet for a while. Yet in all the silence I have been telling myself; go out there, destiny awaits. I didn’t rush it, knowing the amount of preparation I needed. There were also many challenges and factors that could have held me down. As soon as I felt I had gathered enough strength, I broke a few rules and limits to get here. There are times when you have to be a renegade for your dreams.

When you think about what the future holds for you, you realize that it’s in your hands, to win or to lose.

Sometimes we have dreams that seem absolutely impossible and
almost inconceivable to the human mind. A few people dare to jump in and
pursue those dreams. A lot of us, however, feel apprehensive because of the things that are holding us back. For instance, if I close my eyes, I imagine the best version of myself, the princess I dreamt of being when I was a little girl and couldn’t afford all the princess dresses I would
see as I walked by window stores with my mother. If you feel like you
have been caught in your comfort zone or feel like you are spinning
your wheels but not moving closer to your dreams, or goals? Here are
some practical ways to move toward your dream life.

One Step at a Time… Destiny Awaits

Feeling insignificant is normally the most common factor that stops
people from pursuing what they truly love. This feeling is a killer of
destiny, self-esteem, and goals in general. This negative self-energy says
“I’m not good enough” or ‘I don’t have what it takes”. Sometimes when
I think of my dreams I really doubt if I am ever going to pull them off;
what’s so special about me that I can actually be the next Diane Von
Ferstenburg or Donatella Versace. The best way I have devised to
combat this feeling is by starting with small steps in doing the things
that I like or the things that challenge me to take initiative.

Affirm and Reaffirm

Fear has proven to be extremely successful in stopping us in our tracks
in regards to our future. It shows itself in many different ways, I
personally struggle with fear of failure and rejection. I’m always
wondering if I will make it big or if people will be receptive to my style
ideas. So I have to constantly affirm to myself that I can do this, I can
make women feel like queens and princesses, and I know that I have a
different style that can change the world.

Do your best where you are.. Destiny Awaits

This one really hit home for me. Typically, as a mother with family
responsibilities in this economy mainly relying on a 9-5 job, the issue of
finances is one that I am constantly thinking about. This can be the
biggest hang-up with going after your destiny. I have resolved to
do what I can with what I have. What I have at the moment is what I can
handle and with a little more hard work and consistency I will be able to
handle more. Just be willing to move your feet and God will move you
in the right direction.

Dare to do what others are not doing

Most people who are living their dream lives are the ones who have
broken the mold of being inside a box. It’s important to stay tenacious with what feels right in your heart and soul. You can only discover whatever destiny awaits when you go out there..


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