A Brief Moment with Credence – Take It or Leave It

A Brief Moment with Credence - take it or leave it

She teased us with two songs then she went on to do other things. We had a brief moment with Credence in which she shared her passion for music and also for cooking.

While other artists usually say their families didn’t like it when they started singing, Credence is one of those who got loving support from parents and siblings. Her father created space for his children’s passion for music when he set up a small studio at home. That’s when Credence recorded two songs with DJ Shammah. One of her songs was titled; Take It or Leave It. She said most of the people who heard the song asked her if the song was inspired by real life events. We too asked her. She said, “none whatsoever. There song was just a song and had nothing to do with her own life”.

Credence Lipsyncing her Song Mirira Nguva, Captured in a random visit by linksect.com’s streetwise.

About her life; Credence loves cooking. It is her dream to one day own a brand within the culinary industry. While she loves music, cooking is more of her thing, she said. And maybe that’s why we only had a brief moment with Credence.

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