Color on your hair? Bridget and Who?

Inspiration for color on your hair - Hashe MAgazine

Color on your hair? Let’s see how it works for Bridget and Plaxedes. Then maybe check how Rob The Original works images with your hair.

A friend of mine changes her hairstyles so many times that she probably uses the hairdresser’s mirror more than hers. The truth is, her idea of a change of dress includes changing her hair. But sometimes, she blames it on the hairdresser. “I gave her a pic… Do these hairstyles look the same to you? She failed.. I’m going back to her tomorrow” She literally experiments with her hair. At one time she took a bold move, got hair hair cut. That can’t be undone. The look was a total disaster. Fortunately a little tint changed everything. But that’s not Bridget!

Inspiration for color on your hair - Hashe MAgazine
This is Bridget and her daughter – Short and natural hair.. Tinted..

Short hair and wigs is a Bridget thing, though. She loves color and has a passion for shoes. Remember when we talked about how changing the color of your hair would affect the clothes you pick? Check out how Bridget matches her clothes with the hair. Don’t miss the nails and the lip.

Then there is Plaxedes. Apart from her good music, she does have an inspiring sense of fashion. Those shades are beautiful. A hotter summer, she says. Short and natural hair is comfortable for a hot season. Again the color is done to detail.

Rob the artist takes it to another level. Here hair is part of an image in two ways.. There is how you look and also what’s on your head. Artistic, short and natural hairstyle for fall.


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