A bold touch of color to your hair

Adding color to your hair means you have the clothes to match

Color is one of the reasons why we need so many clothes. Black is one of those must haves because it matches with almost everything. Gone are the days when hair was like black, matching with everything. These days variety demands both new styling and a bold touch of color to your hair.

Hair is not something you change easily everyday. You have to factor in your wardrobe and the occasions you will be expected to appear. More importantly, this is about looks. I have seen a good number of women confidently tinting their hair only to recolor it on the same day after being laughed at. Once you decide to change the color of your hair, or change your looks for that matter, you have to know that you are challenging society’s perception of you.

If you want variety and the lively lifestyle it entails; stock up, step up and stay resolved.


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