ThisIssRue In 5 Questions | 2/5 Who and what inspires Rue?

ThisIssRue In 5 Questions, 1/5 was introductory. Now on to the second question, as we get to know Rue better. Knowing what someone does is one thing, but here Rue shares part of her “why”. We asked who and what inspires Rue? We went a layer deeper and also asked what Rue stands for. Ruvimbo shared much, but she says her EP called R will reveal a lot more about her. Share in the experience, learn, lead and enjoy!

Who and What Inspires Rue? What R Stands for…

“Life is a 24 hour classroom. Every hour and every minute of the day is a different lesson. So if you take that and understand that life is about learning and evolving, you tend to get over certain things.. you tend to do things differently”

Ruvimbo “Rue” Karimazondo

Q. What or who inspires you?

A. To be honest LIFE! I’ve gone through so much at 28 that it inspires me to do a lot of things, especially my music. I write based off experience because music is therapy and I want to help someone going through similar situations.

Rue says, your parents can only teach you so much, but real life has lessons of it’s own. That resonates with her motto: Life is a 24 hour classroom. Rue says, “life is about learning and evolving”. Ruvimbo had her fair share of life experiences, many of which she will share in her EP. Here are key takeaways from what Rue shares in the audio clip above.

R resembles talking about real life issues but in a way you can celebrate the victory..

  1. Rue stands for, “as cliché as it may sound, it’s female empowerment” in terms of doing business and in doing better with your life.
  2. She calls out women to live beyond the limitations of other people’s expectations. “Dance to your own drum”
  3. But “being affectionate to your spouse”
  4. Rue acknowledges a shift in in society’s views of what women can and can’t do; “with the recent changes.. look at America.. the first Black female vice president”
  5. “I am very big on loyalty, morals, ethics, being able to hold yourself accountable and fighting to be the best version of yourself”
  6. “The things that inspire me are; seeing how someone was able to overcome their challenges and turning it into something big” – “personal growth is a big thing”
  7. Parents split, studying overseas, facing racism, fighting to protect myself…
  8. “..But I got to a place where I can never regret. ..because I learnt something from the experience”

“You don’t have to like my opinion.. You don’t have to agree with me.. But at least you know where I stand.”

Ruvimbo “Rue” Karimazondo

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