Rue - Ruvimbo Karimazondo - R the EP is out

 With Rue (Ruvimbo Karimazondo), we have always had a good Hashe Talk. This queen is passionate about what she does. It’s not all talk, she sings about it and it’s real alright. She puts in the work. She gave us a taste of good things. And it was kinda hard waiting to see what she was working on. After listening to her track – Down -, and her promises about R, waiting for her to release the EP felt like a torture. But the long wait is over, R is out, and it’s AWESOME!

R is out | The EP Rue promised us for some time..

Question 3/5: Challenges – Did you have a smooth journey into music or was it an adventure full of challenges..?

Let me tell you the music industry is a jungle in itself. And Zim is just a perfect example. Approaching artists; you will have some keen to help and others stand offish because you are “competition”. And it’s like but we all win because we speak the same language MUSIC! It has challenges but I now have a team that I am super happy with. And I couldn’t be more excited for what we have in store for you guys which is my EP called R. It’s my first ever full project and I love every song on there taking you through my life and where I’m at really.

And so R is out. It’s great, you gotta love it.


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