Wishie in Blue – Her sexy dresses

Hot summer Fit - Wishie in Sexy Blue Dress

If anything, Wishie picks the sexy dresses. You can’t rock those dresses if you don’t have skin you are proud of. She does have sexy legs. While the color is usually all plain, Wishie the designs are not all plain. It’s not about them being blue or mini, it’s a bit of sophistication.

Someone said you can know a woman’s mind by the way she dresses. I could almost agree but then Wishie will confuse you with her sexy dresses. You can think it’s a long-sleeved dress until you see the other side. She frequently chooses those one-arm dresses. Then there is the texture. If the dress is plain simple, it will have some fancy texture. If it looks formal from one angle, it will appear very casual from another perspective. There are usually vents and openings when you won’t expect them.

In case you were wondering or critiquing, she actually dresses for the occasion. You won’t always see her in these sexy dresses.

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