Sunglasses – the other side of cool

Fay Jay - Flat gradient sunglasses
Fay Jay – check out the flat rectangular gradient shades

Shades are actually useful, beyond making look cool.. 😎 Like sunscreen and hats sunglasses protect us from the sun’s UV light. I mean real, well made sunnies. You don’t need that as an excuse to look cool but the damage they protect you from can be really serious. UV light can actually  increase the risk of cataract (clouding in eye’s lens) and other eye conditions.

This can come pretty handy in a budget argument. If your man or friend doesn’t buy the cool side of it turn into the beauty with brains mode 🤓 Proper sunglasses combine elegance with functionality. The total price is not just for the shape but also the quality. So don’t hesitate, shop for a little glamour.


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