Get of a feel of being a mother

You know those special people we celebrated on mother’s day? How does it feel to be one? How does it feel to be a mother with all the responsibilities, expectations, joys and much more? We had a Hashe Talk with a number of young women to just get a feel of being a mother from different perspectives. We generally asked about the lessons of motherhood; what new things did they learn or understand better only when they became mothers.

Appreciate Mothers from Being a Mother

Looking back to the times when she was still in her mother’s home, Edith Mudzemeti said, “it’s like you have opened up my childhood memories; a Pandora’s box.” Like many other young girls, she had a clash with her mum when it came to fashion choices. Read more about Edith’s experiences.

Beauty Simbanegavi thinks men’s role is parenting is also important. Such that being a single mother makes parenting very challenging. Faith John (Fay Jay) explored how a mother should embrace the differences between your child and yourself.

Sincimelia, despite being a lawyer, has passion in music, fashion, style and beauty. In all her efforts to improve her life, there is usually a choice between her personal development and caring for her child. As a result she has learnt to sacrifice a lot.

Rue (Ruvimbo Karimazondo) who recently released her EP focused on the uniqueness of every child and circumstances. We also got to hear about La Confiancé Maternity Wear and how her first pregnancy inspired Rue to start her own business.

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