How to Rock Ankara and Denim Like a Pro

Ankara and denim are two of the hottest trends in fashion right now. Ankara fabrics are famous for their vibrant patterns and rich colors that reflect the diversity and beauty of African culture. Denim, on the other hand, is a universal symbol of contemporary casual wear that is simple, versatile, and chic. When you pair these two fabrics together, you create a stunning look that is both eclectic and elegant.

A rebellious outfit at a Java and Slay party

But how do you pair African prints and denim like a pro? How do you make sure you look fabulous and not frumpy? How do you mix and match different patterns, colors, shades, and cuts? And how do you accessorize your outfit to make it pop? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips and examples to inspire you:

  • Wax Print Top and Denim Bottom: This is a classic and easy way to pair Ankara and denim. You can wear an Ankara blouse, shirt, jacket, or vest with denim jeans, shorts, or skirts. The Ankara top will add some spice and personality to your outfit, while the denim bottom will tone it down and make it more casual. You can choose an Ankara top that matches or contrasts with your denim bottom, depending on the effect you want to create. For example, you can wear a bright and colorful Ankara top with dark denim jeans for a striking contrast, or a muted and neutral Ankara top with light denim jeans for a subtle harmony.
  • Ankara Bottom and Denim Top: This is another way to pair Ankara and denim, but with a twist. You can wear an Ankara skirt, pants, or jumpsuit with a denim jacket, shirt, or vest. The Ankara bottom will add some drama and movement to your outfit, while the denim top will balance it out and make it more laid-back. You can choose an Ankara bottom that complements or clashes with your denim top, depending on the mood you want to set. For example, you can wear a flowy and floral Ankara skirt with a fitted and plain denim jacket for a feminine and romantic look, or a tight and geometric Ankara pants with a loose and ripped jean shirt for a edgy and rebellious look.
  • Mix and Match: This is a more adventurous and creative way to pair Ankara and denim. You can mix and match different pieces of Ankara and jeans clothing to create a unique and eye-catching outfit. For example, you can wear an African print dress with a denim belt, or a jean dress with an Ankara scarf. You can also wear an Ankara patchwork jacket or coat with jeans or shorts. The possibilities are endless, as long as you have fun and express yourself.

How to Accessorize Ankara and Denim?

To complete your look, you need to accessorize it with some items that enhance your style and personality. Here are some suggestions:

  • Shoes: You need to choose shoes that match or contrast with your outfit, depending on the effect you want to achieve. For example, you can wear sneakers, flats, or sandals for a casual and comfortable look, or heels, boots, or wedges for a more formal and sophisticated look. You can also opt for shoes that have some Ankara elements, such as prints, patches, or laces.
  • Bags: You need to choose bags that suit your outfit and occasion, depending on the size, shape, and color you prefer. For example, you can wear a clutch, purse, or wallet for a simple and elegant look, or a tote, backpack, or satchel for a more practical and spacious look. You can also go for bags that have some Ankara accents, such as handles, straps, or zippers.
  • Jewelry: You need to choose jewelry that adds some sparkle and charm to your outfit, depending on the style, material, and design you like. For example, you can wear earrings, necklaces, or bracelets for a subtle and classy look, or rings, anklets, or brooches for a more bold and funky look. You can also pick jewelry that has some Ankara features, such as beads, stones, or metals

Ankara and denim are two fabrics that can create a stunning look when paired together. They offer a balance between tradition and modernity, as well as between flamboyance and subtlety. They also provide a lot of variety and flexibility, allowing you to mix and match different patterns, colors, shades, and cuts. You can also accessorize your outfit with shoes, bags, jewelry, and other items that complement your style and personality. African print and denim are a perfect match for anyone who wants to spice up their fashion game and make a statement.

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