Taraji sexy figure – 50 never looked this good..

Taraji sexy figure, amazing swimsuit pics for her birthday. A birthday suit, haa!

The Empire star Taraji P. Henson showed off her sexy figure strapped in an animal print revealing swimsuit in her September 21st Instagram post. This is one in a series of swimsuit posts, but this one was particularly special as it was part of her 50th birthday celebrations. So, it gets you to 50 never looked this good.

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In this gallery of seven pics, she crawls, gazes, displays and celebrates with her girlfriends. You can clearly see the details of her one piece suit that is only connected with strings. Much to the effect of a bikini you can make out the actor’s beautiful skin. Sips of champagne, giant shades and waist length red hair with a beach backdrop, Henson is the stuff of legend. Apart from her sexy figure, Taraji had no make up.

Single mother and doing the damn thang! 

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