Nyasha expresses composure in a long black dress

Nyasha Chidimu in a long black dress

Maybe the reason why people look their best on wedding days is the amount of time and passion that goes into the preparations. People don’t just go out in their I-woke-up-like-this look. Even though there is a lot of pressure in event planning, special events themselves are occasional breaks from the usual pressures of day to day life. As a result, events like weddings are highlights of your lifestyle. They are not meant to be moments that fades into memory but a reminder of what life can be. It’s almost like saying you can keep up. Here Nyasha Chidimu expresses the composure, an essential quality in handling pressure, as she poses in this long black dress.

The flattering long black dress – A graceful silhouette figure.

Nyasha Chidimu in a long black dress
The flattering floor length dress.. It doesn’t hide the curves, it shows them in step. Check under the upper arm for the hidden openings on the sides.

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You can buy or hire this long black dress through Nyasha Chidimu on facebook or Instagram.


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