I did not even have a dress.. then I thought of Cynthia (Pleroo)

“The wedding date was suddenly moved and it was supposed to be held earlier than we expected I did not even have a dress then I thought of Cynthia. I told her at a very short notice that I needed a dress it was only two weeks before the wedding.”

Add urgency to an event plan, and you have pressure and a potential flop. Remove confidence from anticipation and you may have anxiety. Like any other bridesmaid, Vongai Mushore had many ideas about the wedding. The least she could do was to show up dressed for the occasion. While she was thinking she had enough prep time, the wedding date was suddenly moved. “I did not even have a dress then I thought of Cynthia“, Vongai shared with Hashe.

..then I thought of Cynthia (Pleroo). How much can a Fashion Designer do within a tight schedule?

“She wanted something simple that would allow her to move around but looking great”, says Cynthia Mabande, the fashion designer at Pleroo. Vongai met with Cynthia who told her the pros and cons of different materials until she settled on one. The bridesmaid thought she would feel the schedule of the wedding tightening. But, “Cynthia measured me. If I’m not mistaken, it was on a Thursday afternoon. On Friday afternoon she texted me that the dress was done and I was very surprised”. Vongai collected the dress the following Monday. When she tried it on; “the dress was perfect! I did not have to make any adjustments at all”

Cynthia later shared with us; “People usually ask me what pleroo is all about. At Pleroo we design according to one’s unique taste.” Vongai Mushore wanted a dress and she thought of Cynthia. In Vongai’s own words; “It was very comfortable on the wedding day. I danced in it and I didn’t worry about anything.” In fact Vongai was very grateful have relied on Pleroo. “I don’t know if i have told her enough but I’m really grateful”


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