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BeYOUtiful | Beauty with depth

Whenever I peer into the small mirror I carry around I am surely glad I can still change my looks. I have come to appreciate that beauty is not skin deep. Even when I apply liquid foundation I don’t think of it as a mask. Makeup is embracing my flaws while highlighting my fetching side. I try to stay true to identity. That balance between naturally given beauty and inspired looks is beYOUtiful.

Outside of fashion a modern African woman is a powerhouse… She focuses on personal growth, creates opportunities for herself as well as others and strong enough to survive in any situation. #beYoutiful – Rosebud Tsikira (Model, Marketer, Stylist among other things)

Proper Foundation | Glow even in dark times

This post is the first after an unprecedented break caused by the covid-19 pandemic. The health emergency forced us to change. It could have extinguished our passion for the beYOUtiful. We have however adapted and we have dedicated this post to finding a new footing. Remember what we shared in the past. Let’s continue celebrating femininity, intimately looking at lifestyle topics. The hope is that what you imagine becomes alive in what you have. For that we seek to update and inspire you in matters of beauty and wellness; fashion and style; living, loving and personal success. Equip yourself. Improve your options. Glow even in dark times.

“You give a description to your own name. Brand it on your own and you will see all the said about models in general is literally a myth” – Marylyn Zingwe

Know it and be known through it

Some of your skin care problems are solved by knowing the right products. Discover new and reputed brands with us. Once you know the right formula, it will become part of your signature. Let us create and nurture beYOUties together.

Even though life is not always photo perfect the stories we tell help to inspire a better us.

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