Gone Bald – The Truth about Bridget’s Clean Start…

Bridget goes bald, no hair by choice?

Cutting your hair is a bold step, yet some are more bold than others. Bridget usually has trimmed hair. But how low can she go? Turns out this year she had a clean start; a total makeover; cut off all her hair. Why?

Bridget goes bald, no hair by choice?

Bridget is known to reinvent herself again and again. She wears the chameleon’s coat not only because of her ability to adapt but also because she is passionate about looks and change. I remember how she was so enthusiastic about the 5 different looks challenge. Was this just a fashion move, Bridget, shuffling her looks as usual?

Bridget takes selfie with the kids
Selfie with the Kids, testing the new look

Well the truth is that she had little choice. Somehow Bridget fried her hair, and this new style is her making the best of a bad situation. It is indeed a clean start. Going back to basics she says.

Funny story is I fried my hair and had no choice but to go back to basics 😛

Not all hair styling disasters end up with a perfect clean start. Sometimes you may damage your hair or scalp so bad that you won’t be able to recover easily. So if hate getting stuck with one look for too long you can use Bridget’s safer tricks; wigs. Let the synthetic hair suffer the strain while you grow and care for your natural hair.


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  1. Shelly Mhlanga says:

    Nice.. I like her choice of earrings…


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