Skin probe; pores, complexion, pimples, blemishes, sensitivity..

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Instead of worrying about every tickle, itch, spot and irregularity on your skin maybe you need more informed decisions about it. Be aware of yourself. Be sure to keep an eye for pores, complexion, pimples, blemishes and sensitivity.

AN EYE FOR DETAIL. While we are usually concerned about how the skin looks, we should also consider how it feels. The skin is alive and communicates its own distress and comforts. Don’t ignore how your skin feels. The skin on a specific area can send alarm signals through pain or itching. Discover what causes it. You can also probe the skin with your fingers. And, obviously, your eyes can do a good job studying the pores, complexion, pimples, blemishes and other specifics of your appearance.

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You can not only rely to your eyes to learn about the state of your skin. Touch and feel it, even when you are not washing…

WHERE TO LOOK. Your skin differs with each part of the body. The skin on the face is different from the skin on the rest of the body. Observe the body first and then the face. When it comes to the body, there is not much complexity as compared to the face, but the skin types apply to both areas. Don’t just concentrate on where people usually see. Examine every part of your skin to ensure overall health and wellness. As a matter of fact an infection can develop on those areas commonly hidden in garments, then spread to those areas which are less secret.

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WHAT TO LOOK FOR. Beauty goes along with wellness. And the good thing is you can nourish and care for your skin to improve both your health and your looks. You can do something about it! That is the primary focus of your skin probe. When looking at your skin, pay more attention to details that will inform your decision. Appreciate your skin and make plans about it. Next we will look discuss what to know about the nature of your skin.

Skin Care | Rediscover the beauty of your skin
  1. Basics (Rule of Thumb)
  2. Pay attention : Skin Probe
  3. Know more about the nature of your skin
  4. What to do with it
  5. Determination
  6. Hacks
  7. Keep it alive


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