Meet DJ Lyaness – Pursue your Dreams Savagely [REPOST]

Meet DJ Lyaness

Meet DJ Lyaness. Every once in a while, in pursuit of your dreams, you meet challenges. DJ Lyaness says pursue your dreams savagely

Meet Dj Lyaness
DJ Lyaness with Award winning Musician Jah Prayzah

Diana: Let’s start with an introduction, let the world know you, who are you and what do you do..?

Lyaness: I’m Harare’s Top Female Dj, An artist and Founder and Creative Director of clothing labels Badness and Rissa Elle

Meet DJ Lyaness in the making

Diana: great work you are doing there and it doesn’t sound easy. What is your “why”? What inspired you to start and what keeps you going…?

Lyaness: I’ve always been musically inclined. From singing in school choirs and doing figurative dance in church. I developed a curiosity for deejaying after attending a Dj friend’s shows for inspiration after creative block when I was composing a song. My interest soon turned to passion and I quickly excelled. After 2 months of deejaying I won 2015 Female Dj clash and was on Star FM with in less than a month after with slots that even lasted up to 3 hours. 

I like to challenge myself a lot with other genres and new mixing styles. I have established my brand and quitting is not an option as I constantly have to live up to the brand s standard that I set. My fans and other industry gurus also constantly encourage me to keep in the game and go further. My passion and bond with music is also overwhelming within my being.

Lyaness: With fashion I’ve always drawn creative designs that come to my mind at a whim since I was in primary school and would design my doll s clothes. I like to venture out of the norm with my dressing and style so I started going to shows rocking my own designs and people would ask me for quotations for my designs that were unique to them. I then knew that I had a responsibility to share all my talents with the world, as it’s not for myself but also for other people as well as is God s intention when he bestows gifts upon people.

Meet Dja Lyness in the studio

Meet DJ Lyaness in the Industry

Diana: that i truly awesome… Competition is almost everywhere but I think in DJ Clashes it is unique.. I believe it can be really hostile… How did you take it when you won the contest in 2015?

Lyaness: It is hostile but if you put God first, he makes everything work for your good. I prayed, practised and kept focused. It’s a cliché formula that works wonders. The advantage of talent is that you cannot fake it, so self-belief and confidence stemmed from that and it carried me through.

Meet DJ Lyaness

Diana: I like that.. About the clothing labels, what’s the inspiration behind each one. What’s Badness and not Rissa Elle and what’s Rissa Elle and not Badness…

Lyaness: Badness is more urban and funky with a hint of vintage whilst Rissa Elle is classy, sophisticated and chic.

Diana: Oh, ok… What challenges do you face in both the music and the fashion industry..?

Lyaness: In the music industry there is jealousy, sabotage and people trying to oppress me. In the fashion industry it’s trying to establish my brand with a proper distribution channel.

The Roots

Diana: It’s a series of battles I guess.. I am sure some people would be interested in the background from which you are building all this.. How was your childhood and how much support did you get..?

 Lyaness: Well my passion for music was perceived as a hobby I’d outgrow. However, as I grew older and more independent I started actively pursuing my dreams, to not so much as try convince them through talk but action. As I started succeeding my Grandmother, some of my aunts and my cousin acknowledged my talent and encouraged me. They still continue to encourage me to keep pursuing that which makes me feel happy and fulfilled as a person.

Diana: Apart from work, what do you enjoy doing most..?

Lyaness: I enjoy Swimming, watching series, braaiing and most importantly spending time with my son.

Diana: That’s great… Which DJs, artists and fashion designers inspire you the most…?

Lyaness: Dj Waxxy, Dj Cndo, Dj ill Wheel and Dj Rockstar. Artists are Andra Day, K Michelle, Jasmin Sullivan, Enya, the late Amy Winehouse , Mavado and Remy Ma. Fashion designers are Vera Weng, Kimora Lee Simmons, Kourtney Kardashian and Ed Hardy.

Diana: Finally what message do you want to send out there, firstly to women/girls and secondly to your fans…

Lyaness: To women/ girls- pursue your dreams savagely and never compromise your integrity, believe in yourself and your dreams, be the author of your life, keep focused and put God first

My fans- I’m eternally grateful for the support and encouragement, may God richly bless you and you are the heartbeat of all my artistic trades.

Diana Tanya Mabesa who interviewed DJ Lyaness

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